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About Us

At Wand & Goody, LLP, we take pride in resolving cases using expertise we have developed based upon years of experience. With over 65 years of collective legal experience, our attorneys have handled all aspects of New York divorce and family law litigation, including settlement negotiations, motion practice, hearings, divorce trials and appellate practice. We use our experience, together with an approach emphasizing creativity and diligence, to devise the most effective case strategy to meet your needs.

Whenever possible, we believe matrimonial cases should be negotiated and settled for the benefit of all concerned, particularly the children. Barring settlement, we resort to litigation in order to protect our clients’ rights and secure our clients’ entitlement under New York’s divorce and family laws.

We also offer, as an alternative to costly, contentious litigation, divorce mediation, where one of the firm’s attorneys acts as a neutral mediator to assist a couple in resolving the issues of the marriage (such as custody, child support, spousal support, and asset distribution).

“Competence, experience and persistence you can trust.” These words are not offered lightly. It is the basis of the firm’s philosophy in representing its clientele.

If you are interested in speaking with an attorney, we invite you to contact us at 631.462.3434 or via email at legal@wandlaw.com to discuss your specific circumstances.