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In a recent article, Candida Crewe makes a case for remaining friends with her ex-husband.  She separated from her husband in January 2009, and divorced a year later. Although he moved to another city and has remarried, the ex-husband visits their teenage sons regularly and sometimes stays over in order to share holidays and birthdays together.

Ms. Crewe recognizes that the shared history between her and her ex-husband outweighs the bitterness, which did not benefit anyone.  The article discusses how it is easier for two people who have children to remain friendly after a divorce; there is a common bond and common concerns that keeps the parties in touch.  Those who have divorced, but never had kids, find there is less reason to stay in each other’s lives.

Other couples interviewed for the article share many of the same thoughts. Tara Saglio, a couples and individual psychotherapist, believes that it takes about five (5) years before the parties can settle into post divorce life, whether alone or with a new partner.

It is possible to have an amicable divorce; we can assist you.

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